Fishery Solution


Fishery solution

The complete suite for fisheries administration and control.

Government authorities all over the world have intensified the surveillance, inspection, administration, and control of fishing vessels and fishing activity. For biological reasons as well as economic interests, this has proven to be very important to everyone involved.

Visma Consulting has developed systems and provided it-support for government authorities involved in fisheries management during this period. Visma Consulting has combined extensive business knowledge and excellent it-skills, and today we are recognized for a number of very efficient software tools, which authorities use daily. With Fishery Solution these tools are collected in a very strong suite that allows for IT-support for a wide range of administrative purposes.

vTrack: Vessel monitoring

vTrack was originally developed to conform to EU legislation, which requires that each member country monitors the movements of large fishing vessels. Over the years, vTrack has evolved to also meet requirements from NAFO, NEAFL and other non-EU organizations.

vTrack is recognized to be very user friendly and includes a GIS interface to allow the government authority to visually keep track of each individual vessel at any moment. A wide range of alert, statistical and reporting functions are available as well as a detailed record of all historical position data.

vCatch: Logbook reporting

Previously, the logbook was in paper format and required a lot of manual work on board the vessel as well as for the authorities.

With vCatch the entire process is electronic from the first registration on board the vessel to the final inspection and reporting at the authorities. vCatch has been developed with a true focus on making the everyday life easier for everyone involved. A lot of emphasis has been put into making the data transmission compressed to make it possible and natural to actually send every entry in the logbook in real time. To have the information in real time gives the inspectors a unique input and tool for planning and prioritizing on-board inspections.

vCheck: Fishery Management

The basis for comprehensive quota calculations is to be able to receive and look into the actual landing data from the buyers.

vCheck consists of a common interface for all buyers enabling them to send in their data in a uniform way.

The main functionality is the data quality assurance and the control elements. vCheck has various levels of alarms that are assigned to wrong, missing or suspicious data allowing the controlling authority to prioritize its efforts.