Fishery Solution

01. jul 2011 


All over the world, today’s coastal states are faced with the task of effectively monitoring their exclusive economic fishing zones (EEZ) using GPS or satellite technology and patrol vessels. The need for effective, accessible, easy-to learn vessel monitoring systems (VMS) is no longer questioned.

vTrack provides authorities with an efficient and well-proven system. vTrack is designed to ensure that accurate positions and data from fishing vessels can be shared in real time among many recipients:

  • Employees on shore
  • Patrol vessels at sea
  • Neighboring countries
  • Fishing authorities, etc.

Loss - or poor handling - of this data is not only costly, it is unacceptable. vTrack is optimized for easy use and fast learning for any authority and for all user groups. The authorities using vTrack can decide themselves what groups of users are needed and assign relevant rights in the system. The number of users or user groups is unlimited - it is all included in the server price.

Typical user groups


Inspectors on shore
The inspectors on shore all have real-time access to the system, and they can see which vessels might enter the harbor on a given day. With this information it is now easier to determine which vessels may require a closer look and plan the physical appearance.

Inspectors at sea
Inspectors aboard patrol vessels can have exactly the same access to the system as users stationed at the harbor. The only difference is that patrol vessel users connect via satellite with minimal loss in response time due to the system's optimization for slow connections. Knowing the actual and former positions of all relevant vessels in a certain area is of course very important in order to plan and optimize the time spent on inspections at sea.

Data analyzer

Most often, users want to use historical information as input to reports or different kinds of calculations. When historical data is found and displayed on a map, it is also possible to export this data directly to spreadsheets or statistical applications allowing the position data to be reused.

The system has a number of activity reports. One of these reports is the documentation of positions received from and transmitted to other countries within a certain period of time. These reports can later on be used to verify the activities of vessels in various areas at various times. For example, if a vessel owner is questioned in a court of law, the data from the VMS system contained in an activity report can be used as evidence. Since the original positions received from the vessels are stored without any modification in the database, the risk that the VMS system has calculated incorrectly is eliminated. From a legal perspective the data is accurate.

FMC user

With vTrack, the Fisheries Monitoring Center (FMC) users have a powerful tool to monitor large numbers of vessels. A number of reports help the control center users to get the overview they need, e.g. 'missing data episodes', 'data delay warnings' or 'current active flag states'. Also the grouping of vessels is a quick and efficient way to perform targeted control.

The control center user also specifies and monitors alarms and missing transmissions as well as having the ability to change the data exchange format between the countries without calling IT developers. This feature also enables position information to be send to new countries in new exchanges formats, as well as to other public authorities in completely different formats including e-mail, SMS or XML.

IT administrator

The tasks for the IT administrator are minimized with vTrack. Each client only needs a web browser from one of the major browser vendors without any plug-ins. In addition, the vTrack super-users create new users, which require absolutely no involvement from the IT administrator.

An upgrade of the system is another task, which may otherwise typically require considerable time and IT resources. But with vTrack only a server side upgrade is necessary, eliminating the need to plan, and perform client side upgrades. This also eliminates typical compatibility problems introduced on the client side between the upgraded component and the existing ones.

vTrack has been designed for and tested by authorities. It has proven its efficiency and ease of use at all customer sites.

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