Fishery Solution


Danish Directorate of Fisheries

vTrack is originally developed in close cooperation with the Danish Directorate of Fisheries, where it is running in production today.  The Danish Directorate of Fisheries says about the solution: "The Danish Directorate of Fisheries has been tracking a large number of fishing vessels since late 1998, and initially the VMS data was only available to a very small number of employees, however with vTrack the data is now accessible to all of our employees.

The fishery inspectors requested some time ago that the VMS data be made available to all of our local offices, including fishery inspection vessels. Furthermore, we also wanted to integrate the VMS data with the data from our logbook-register.  And finally we could also foresee a requirement to track an ever increasing number of vessels.

For these reasons, it was important that we have a system that has the scalability to handle the 600+ vessels which will be reporting once per hour. Since most other VMS software packages are subject to a per-user or per-database licensing fee (in a replicated system), our budget did not allow us to expand our existing system nor to change to another supplier in order to meet the demands of the inspectors. Together with Visma Consulting we have developed a completely new tracking system, which makes it possible for all of our inspectors to access the VMS data through a web-browser. This makes integration with our logbook register much easier. Also, since we're able to reuse existing hardware and Oracle licenses, the development cost has thus been kept at a minimum. The result has been a dramatic decrease in the yearly running cost of our new VMS-system despite an increasing number of users. "