Fishery Solution


German Federal Agency for Agriculture and Food

vTrack has been in production in Germany since March 2003. Bettina Gromke, responsible for the implementation: "I was surprised how easy it was to change system".  The role as system administrator for the VMS system has changed considerably. "Previously, I spent days putting VMS data together in Word documents for e.g. inspectors and statisticians.  Today each of them has their own login, which gives them direct access to the data, without my help.  The main reason is that vTrack's Web interface is self explanatory" states Bettina Gromke.  With the old system the only VMS users were Bettina Gromke, her colleague Ms. Utech, and the ship inspectors.  Today they are not counting the ship inspectors nor individual users, but rather user groups.

All users are divided into three groups: 

  • Standard users
    Who only has rights to view information.
  • Super users
    Who has the ability to poll ships for current information and view all information.
  • Administrators
    Who has the right to add and delete users, change system configurations and see all data.

"In the beginning, I was concerned that the developers of the system in Copenhagen were too far away if problems should arise. However, with direct access from Copenhagen they are able to help us fast. They can examine our questions and explain specific behaviors of the system that we don't understand. When problems arise they are able to correct them very quickly. Presently the system has not been down at all, and the response time is very good. Even new versions are installed without disturbance. Yes, I am very satisfied"  laughs Bettina Gromke.